12 Jun. 2017

Battery Ventures affiliated Michell Instruments and AII

Battery Ventures, established in 1983 as a global technology-focused investment firm, has been...

09 Jun. 2017

HORIBA STEC Korea completed new business base 

HORIBA STEC Korea of the HORIBA STEC Group completed a new business base in Yongin City and...

01 Jun. 2017

Gas Distributor Ranking

According to our search, there were 56 domestic gas distributors out of all those closing the...

30 May. 2017

DAIKIN achieved global sales of 10 million air conditioners using R32

In March 2017 Daikin Industries marked its global sales of air conditioners using HFC32 (R32)...

26 May. 2017

Hydro Edge raises LH2 output capacity up to 9,000ℓ/h

Hydro Edge, a combined plant of liquid hydrogen (LH2) and air separation gas owned by joint...

26 May. 2017

SAMTECH to launch new accumulator for H2 station

SAMTECH of high-pressure hydrogen (H2) container manufacturer has now developed a more...

24 May. 2017

TNSC invests in Optomec of US 3D printer venture

Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) invested in Optomec which is a 3D printer manufacturer in New Mexico,...

24 May. 2017

Teijin withdraws from home healthcare business in US

Teijin has decided to withdraw from the home healthcare business in the US fulfilling part of the...

15 May. 2017

Chemours launches two new refrigerants

From July 1 The Chemours will start to sell two new refrigerants to replace R404A through its...

11 May. 2017

Kanto Denka keeps producing more tungsten hexafluoride

Kanto Denka Kogyo plans to increase production capacity in stages of tungsten hexafluoride (WF6)....

09 May. 2017

Sanoyas Shipbuilding granted AIP certification by ABS

In February, Sanoyas Shipbuilding obtained AIP (Approval in Principle) on the gas supplying...

09 May. 2017

SEMI opened first FLEX in Japan

On April 11 and 12, SEMI (headquartered in San Jose, Ca) opened in Tokyo the “2017 FLEX JAPAN”...

02 May. 2017

Seikow increases waste gas treatment business by 15.2%

Seikow Chemical Engineering & Machinery of chemical equipment manufacturer is expected to...

28 Apr. 2017

AWI develops new dry ice precision cleaning system

Air Water has developed a new dry ice cleaning system which is applicable to any auto parts in a...

28 Apr. 2017

Iwatani opens large H2 station for FC Forklift in Kansai International Airport

On April 11, Iwatani held an opening ceremony of hydrogen (H2) station for FC Forklift provided...

28 Apr. 2017

Iwatani opens first H2 station in Tohoku District

Iwatani Corporation completed IWATANI Hydrogen (H2) Station Miyagi Sendai for the first time in...

25 Apr. 2017

TNSC builds one more ASU in Northern Vietnam 

On April 14, Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC)’s Vietnamese corporation named Vietnam Japan Gas Joint...

20 Apr. 2017

Honeywell sells more R448A to Asia Pacific Areas

Honeywell is expanding its sales of the new refrigerant “R448A” foregoing in the developed...

12 Apr. 2017

Toyoko Kagaku develops compact H2 station with anti-disaster function

Taking advantage of the long-fostered ultra-high pressure gas technology, Toyoko Kagaku has...

11 Apr. 2017

ALJ opened a two-storied H2 station in Kobe  

Air Liquide Japan (ALJ) completed Kobe Shichinomiya hydrogen (H2) Station which had been under...

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