18 Nov. 2019

Iwatani of America Acquires US SP Gas Distributor

 On October 25, Iwatani Corporation of America bought Advanced Specialty Gases (ASG - located in...

15 Nov. 2019

AWI Invests in TWM to Reinforce Production Capacity

Air Water has invested JPY500 million to reinforce the production capacity of Taylor Wharton...

07 Nov. 2019

Hitachi Industrial Invests in Sullair for More Compressor Business

 Hitachi Industrial Equipment System is going to invest US$30million (JPY3.2billion) to reinforce...

16 Oct. 2019

H2/FC Strategic Council Clarifies Key Items for Development to Achieve Roadmap Target

The Council of Strategy for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells which promotes development of hydrogen energy...

15 Oct. 2019

NEDO/METI’s International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2019

On September 25, NEDO and METI held the first International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2019...

11 Oct. 2019

TNSC to Install New N2 Pant in Singapore

Taiyo Nippon Sanso will construct a new nitrogen plant on the premises of the headquarters plant...

10 Oct. 2019

AWI Enhances Chemical Business with M&A

Air Water is going to expand the scale of its fine chemical business to increase its sales by 10...

09 Oct. 2019

AWI Takes over Kobe Steel’s Shares in JV

On October 1, Air Water took over Kobe Steel’s shares in Shinko Air Water Cryoplant (SAC) a...

07 Oct. 2019

Honeywell Ties with Parker Hannifin in R466A business

On September 19, Honeywell tied up with Parker Hannifin to promote the diffusion of new...

04 Oct. 2019

SEMICON Taiwan Participated by Many Japanese Exhibitors

From September 18 to 20, “SEMICON Taiwan 2019” was held in Taipei, Taiwan, and the exhibition was...

03 Oct. 2019

Stable bulk supply of liquefied gases brings profitability of existing customers into question

While the demand for air-separated gases in Japan remains stable at a low level, gas sales...

30 Sep. 2019

SEMI Presents “Market Updates-Chinese Semiconductor & Explanation of US-China Trade Friction”

On August 22, SEMI held a seminar in Tokyo titled “Market Updates-Chinese Semiconductor &...

25 Sep. 2019

AWI/Kairos Starts Selling Video Microscope System for 8K Endoscope Surgery

Kairos, Air Water’s affiliate engaging in R&D activities on 8K image device, developed a...

20 Sep. 2019

Foreign Technical Intern Trainees 2.3 times more since 5 years ago

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of foreign technical intern...

20 Sep. 2019

Special Demand for Cylinder before Total Abolition of R22

The production and import of R22 fluorocarbon refrigerant which has been used for freezing and...

10 Sep. 2019

TNSC Revises Price of Helium from January 1, 2020

Taiyo Nippon Sanso will raise the price of helium for cylinders, trailers, liquid and specialty...

09 Sep. 2019

Optimists and Pessimists Confuse on Domestic SPG Market

 There is a growing sense of uncertainty about the future of the Japanese electronics gas-related...

05 Sep. 2019

Honeywell Agrees with Chinese Parts Manufacturer to Promote R466A

Honeywell agreed with Sanhua Holding Group, a Chinese major device-parts manufacturer, to promote...

29 Aug. 2019

TNSC Develops Large Waste Gas Processor to Produce Carbon Fiber

Taiyo Nippon Sanos (TNSC) has developed a large-sized waste gas abatement system of combustion...

29 Aug. 2019

Kitajima Sanso Starts to Supply LO2 to National Hospital of Myanmar 

Kitajima Sanso of medical gas distributor headquartered in Tokushima Prefecture built a l0-ton...

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