10 Sep. 2019

TNSC Revises Price of Helium from January 1, 2020

Taiyo Nippon Sanso will raise the price of helium for cylinders, trailers, liquid and specialty...

09 Sep. 2019

Optimists and Pessimists Confuse on Domestic SPG Market

 There is a growing sense of uncertainty about the future of the Japanese electronics gas-related...

05 Sep. 2019

Honeywell Agrees with Chinese Parts Manufacturer to Promote R466A

Honeywell agreed with Sanhua Holding Group, a Chinese major device-parts manufacturer, to promote...

29 Aug. 2019

TNSC Develops Large Waste Gas Processor to Produce Carbon Fiber

Taiyo Nippon Sanos (TNSC) has developed a large-sized waste gas abatement system of combustion...

29 Aug. 2019

Kitajima Sanso Starts to Supply LO2 to National Hospital of Myanmar 

Kitajima Sanso of medical gas distributor headquartered in Tokushima Prefecture built a l0-ton...

23 Aug. 2019

AWI Acquires Linde’s On-site Business for Indian Steelmakers

Air Water agreed to acquire, with effect from August 13, part of Linde India’s industrial gas...

07 Aug. 2019

Explosion Killed 15 at ASU Plant in Yima City, Henan Province, China

On July 19, there was an explosion at the cryogenic air separation unit and 15 people were killed...

31 Jul. 2019

AWI Affiliates Hitec Holding B.V.

 On July 17, Air Water acquired all the shares of Hitec Holding B.V. (hereinafter “HITEC”) for...

26 Jul. 2019

Honeywell Ties up with Midea Group of China for New Refrigerant

On June 26, Honeywell signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Midea Group of the major...

26 Jul. 2019

Saisan Starts LPG Business in Laos

Saisan established “Gas One Lao” to do LPG business in Vientiane, capital city of Laos, and held...

16 Jul. 2019

IEA Publicizes Hydrogen Report at G20 Meeting

On June 14, IEA (International Energy Agency) of international advisory board disclosed for the...

12 Jul. 2019

Electronics Market Stumped by Political Matters

 The recent electronics-related market is being led around by the inter-country political...

10 Jul. 2019

Iwatani’s Dry Ice Blaster Selling Well

Iwatani is selling dry ice blaster at a good pace. The blaster sprays the particles of dry ice...

03 Jul. 2019

MHLW Designates Argon as Food Additive

Following the Revision of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Food Sanitation Act, the Ministry...

02 Jul. 2019

Luxfer to Raise Prices of Aluminum and FRP Composite Cylinders in Japan

SK Cylinder has decided to increase by 20% the prices of the aluminum and FRP composite cylinders...

25 Jun. 2019

Chemours-Mitsui’s Low-GWP Refrigerant Awarded for Adoption by Toshiba Carrier and Panasonic

Chemours-Mitsui Fluoroproducts successfully got awarded the adoption of its low-GWP refrigerant...

24 Jun. 2019

AWI’s VSU18 in Operation

On May 20, the completion ceremony of VSU plant was held in Sanuki Ekisan which is jointly...

21 Jun. 2019

AWI Acquires Industrial Gas Business in India

On June 14, Air Water unveiled that it would acquire Praxair’s industrial gas business in West...

12 Jun. 2019

TNSC Ties-up with Chinese Manufacturer of H2 Generator

On May 20, Taiyo Nippon Sanso announced that it concluded a capital and Business Collaboration...

05 Jun. 2019

Iwatani Achieves Record-high Profit for Four Consecutive Terms

Iwatani increased its net sales by 6.6%, while operating profit decreased by 2.7%. Ordinary...

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