22 Mar. 2018

Kuraray fully affiliates Calgon Carbon of US activated carbon manufacturer

With effect from March 9, Kuraray acquired 100% shares of Calgon Carbon Corporation of US...

20 Mar. 2018

Honeywell supplies low-GWP R448A to LOTTE Mart Korea

Honeywell concluded a distribution agreement for R448A of low-GWP refrigerant with LOTTE Mart of...

16 Mar. 2018

AWI reorganizes chemical business transferring coke-oven gas purification to NSSMC

Effective from April 1, Air Water (AWI) transfers to Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal...

15 Mar. 2018

Tomoe establishes overseas supporting company in Thailand

Tomoe Shokai established and completed the head office of TOMOE ASIA aiming to support its...

08 Mar. 2018

Saisan enters into Thai market in LPG business

Saisan acquired 49% shares of PAP Gas & Oil Co., Ltd. (PAP) which is a Thai company engaging...

05 Mar. 2018

AWI affiliates US manufacturer of CO2-related equipment

With effect from February 23 Air Water acquired the whole stocks for affiliation of TOMCO2...

01 Mar. 2018

AWI’s honorary chairman Hiroshi Aoki died of heart failure on February 20

AWI’s honorary chairman Hiroshi Aoki died of heart failure on February 20. He was 89 years old....

27 Feb. 2018

AWI fully owns Japan Pionics for more sales of gas equipment

On February 9, 2018, Air Water signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Gas Chemicals to acquire the...

26 Feb. 2018

Servomex Division of Spectris Appeals Total Solution in CQC Field

The Servomex division of Spectris which domestically represents UK’s Servomex known as a total...

22 Feb. 2018

AWI fully owns Kawasaki Kasei

On February 7, Air Water announced that it would completely affiliate Kawasaki Kasei Chemicals by...

21 Feb. 2018

Medium seamless cylinders in demand for industrial and fire-extinguishing use

The delivery of medium-sized seamless cylinders (capacity of 30 to 150ℓ) from April to November...

13 Feb. 2018

Tokyo’s 2018 budget for H2 business reduced to \3.3 billion

On January 26, Tokyo Metropolis announced its budget bill 2018 of \3.3 billion for the “Promotion...

13 Feb. 2018

TNSC operates new LCO2 plant in USA

Continental Carbonic Products (CCPI), headquartered in Illinois USA of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas...

31 Jan. 2018

2018 starts with early spring inflation

The year 2018 started with the inflation of all raw materials which will inevitably exert...

26 Jan. 2018

AWP heads for integrated production of ASU, storage tank and tank truck

On December 18, 2017 Air Water Plant Engineering (AWP) established a new large-scale canning...

25 Jan. 2018

Asahi Kasei builds alkaline water electrolysis H2 generator in Germany

Asahi Kasei Corporation is going to setup one unit of alkaline water electrolysis H2 generator...

18 Jan. 2018

Global semiconductor equipment market grew 36% over last year in 2017

On the day before SEMICON Japan 2017 which opened from December 13, SEMI held a press interview....

17 Jan. 2018


 SEMICON JAPAN (sponsored by SEMI) was held in Tokyo Big Sight from December 13 to 15 of last...

11 Jan. 2018

LCO2 and dry ice stayed stable in autumn 2017

Although the supply of liquefied carbon dioxide and dry ice was plunged into a serious position...

09 Jan. 2018

More production of acetylene than last year for 3 months

The production of acetylene showed a sign of recovery trend exceeding that of last year for three...

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