13 May. 2019

AWI’s 17th VSU Starts Operation in Fukuyama Ekisan 

On April 25, Air Water inaugurated the completion of plant in Fukuyama Ekisan (located in...

13 May. 2019

IIG Starts Japan’s Largest Helium Center in April

Iwatani Industrial Gases opened its Tokyo Helium Center located in the Ami East Industrial...

10 May. 2019

No Segmental Change in Sales Structure of Gases in 2018

According to the statistics of the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA) about...

10 May. 2019

ALJ Increases Sales and Decreases Profit FY2018 ending December

ALJ’s non-consolidated financial report closing December 2018 shows that sales amounted to...

09 May. 2019

SDK Enjoys Tripled Profit of Last Year in Graphite Electrode Business

Showa Denko (SDK)’s fiscal account closing Dec. 2018 marked 27.1% more sales than last year with...

07 May. 2019

AWI replaces Kashima On-site Plant for Nippon Iron & Steel

 Air Water is going to build an ASU in Kashima Plant with an investment of about 7.5 billion yen...

07 May. 2019

Gas Review Addressed in Helium/SPG Forum in China

 For two days from April 16 to 17, the International Gas Development Forum 2019 was held in...

12 Apr. 2019

ALJ Inaugurates its Tokyo Innovation Campus

Air Liquide Japan completed its new R&D facility “Tokyo Innovation Campus” in YRP (Yokosuka...

11 Apr. 2019

TNSC Starts Technical Academy for Safety of High-pressure Gases

In June 2018 Taiyo Nippon Sanso established “Technical Academy” in its Kawasaki Mizue Operations,...

10 Apr. 2019

Iwatani Runs H2 Stations as First Japanese Firm in USA

In March 2019, Iwatani of America bought four hydrogen stations which had been operated by Messer...

28 Mar. 2019

ALJ Kagoshima Oxyton Replaces ASU with High-efficiency One

In order to reinforce its gas supplying capability and enhance the environmental responses in the...

27 Mar. 2019

AWI Nominates Top Management

On March 13, Air Water resolved to designate Masahiro Toyoda (representative director and...

27 Mar. 2019

TNSC Delivers Turbo-Brayton Refrigerator for World-first Superconducting Cable Project

Taiyo Nippon Sanso delivered one unit of Turbo-Brayton refrigerator using neon-refrigerant for...

22 Mar. 2019

FC EXPO2019 Held in Tokyo Big Sight

The 15th general exhibition of hydrogen and fuel cell of FC EXPO2019 was held in Tokyo Big Sight...

15 Mar. 2019

Strange Balance in Supply and Demand of Argon

The current supply and demand of argon is keeping a delicate balance. Due to the declining...

11 Mar. 2019

Iwatani Builds SPG Distribution Center in Nevada

 Iwatani is going to expand the sales of specialty gases in the US. Utilizing California Branch...

13 Feb. 2019

TNSC Announces Production and Sells Water-17O First in Japan

From February 1, Taiyo Nippon Sanso started to produce and sell Water-17O, a stable isotope of...

06 Feb. 2019

H2 Growth Strategy of Korean Version Shows Road Map to Activate

On January 17, the Korean government compiled road map for hydrogen powered economy to work out a...

05 Feb. 2019

New Cosmos Develops Battery-type Methane Detector for US Market

New Cosmos Electric has developed for the US market a battery-type methane detector having the...

04 Feb. 2019

Yusen Logistics and NGK Contribute to Storage/Transport of Fruit and Vegetables

Yusen Logistics of the Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line) Group and NGK SPARK PLUG had been...

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