21 Sep. 2017

Shimizu starts verification of H2 system using solar energy

On June 1, 2017, Shimizu proceeded to a verification stage its system development to supply...

21 Sep. 2017

Oxygen therapy effective to ease headache

Oxygen is used to cure cluster headache, and it will be added as a new item of home oxygen...

15 Sep. 2017

SDK Gas Products newly builds LCO2 plant in Oita Complex

Showa Denko Gas Products (SDK Gas Products) will build a new liquefied CO2 gas plant in Oita...

15 Sep. 2017

Suzuki verifies FC motorcycle on public roads

Suzuki which is developing FC motorcycles implements verification runs of FC motorcycle on public...

11 Sep. 2017

AWI invests in medical needle distributor viewing developments abroad 

On August 17, Air Water Inc. (chairman: Masahiro Toyoda) obtained the shares (66.7%) of Matsuoka...

01 Sep. 2017

Honeywell distributes R-1234yf cans regularly in US

Honeywell released the news about the service cans of the next-generation refrigerant R-1234yf...

25 Aug. 2017

Global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment grew by 12.9%

According to SEMI, the world market of semiconductor equipment marked an annual sales amounting...

22 Aug. 2017

SDK revises prices of two fluorine-based specialty gases

Effective from the delivery on September 1, 2017 Showa Denko will revises the prices of two types...

17 Aug. 2017

Iwatani to revise price of helium for domestic supply

Iwatani has started to negotiate with users to raise the price of helium by 15% for its domestic...

08 Aug. 2017

Showa Denko forms US affiliate to sell gases for electronics

Showa Denko (SDK) established a fully owned affiliate Showa Chemical of America (SCA) in Austin,...

08 Aug. 2017

Air Products Korea stepped down from top due to spin-off

According to the business performances of the major Korean gas manufacturers 2016 compiled by...

02 Aug. 2017

TNSC’s waste gas abatement business grows remarkably

Taiyo Nippon Sanso is enjoying good sales in its waste gas abatement business amounting to 2.9...

31 Jul. 2017

HORIBA STEC accredited for gas mass-flow calibration

On May 1, HORIBA STEC obtained an accreditation for its gas mass-flow calibration based on...

28 Jul. 2017

Iwatani to build a package-type H2 station in Okayama

Iwatani will build its first package-type hydrogen station within this year in Okayama Prefecture...

27 Jul. 2017

Kobe Steel strengthens turbo compressor business for ASU

In April, to enter into the large-sized compressor market, Kobe Steel built a new facility in its...

26 Jul. 2017

Honeywell to supply UK retailers with new refrigerant R448A

Honeywell is going to supply Tesco of a large-scale supermarket chain of United Kingdom with a...

25 Jul. 2017

AWI’s first M&A abroad in medical field

On June 21, Air Water acquired 55% shares each of Globalwide International which engages in the...

21 Jul. 2017

Tomoe opens urban-type environment-friendly H2 station

On June 30, Tomoe Shokai opened Shinsuna H2 Station in Koto-ku, Tokyo. The station had been...

19 Jul. 2017

TNSC produces more SPGs for demand hike of 3D memory in China and Korea

Taiyo Nippon Sanso will build a semiconductor gas plant in China which is the fourth country for...

14 Jul. 2017

Kanken Techno develops low-pressure plasma abatement system

Kanken Techno, a dedicated gas abatement system manufacturer is going to develop a...

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