25 Apr. 2018

Hydrogen holds the key to decarbonization

On April 10, the “Informal Meeting on Energy Situation” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and...

24 Apr. 2018

Nippon Seisen invests in sintering furnace to double capacity of Hirakata Plant

Nippon Seisen of stainless steel wire manufacturer is going to double the production capacity of...

23 Apr. 2018

TNSC develops iPod-touch application to identify reserved frozen samples instantly 

Taiyo Nippon Sanso has developed Sample Search Application with the iPod touch which avoids any...

20 Apr. 2018

TNSC establishes welding training center in Hanoi

On April 13, the industrial-academic alliance of Taiyo Nippon Sanso, Osaka University and Hanoi...

17 Apr. 2018

Toyota got type approval for mass production of FC bus

Toyota Motor obtained the type approval of FC bus for the first time in Japan and started sales...

13 Apr. 2018

SDK expects JPY40 billion sales of electronics gas in FY2018

Showa Denko showed increases in its sales by 16.3%, operating income by 85%, ordinary profit by...

11 Apr. 2018

Shanghai Showa Chemicals establishes branch in Wuhan

SDK has established a branch of its subsidiary Shanghai Showa Chemicals in Wuhan, Hubei Province,...

05 Apr. 2018

ALJ marked good sales and 2-digit rate growth of earnings FY17

Air Liquide Japan marked a non-consolidated account closing FY2017 ending December of sales...

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