31 Jul. 2018

HAMAI sells well metal-touch valve for corrosive gas cylinder

HAMAI of high-pressure gas valve manufacturer have so far shipped over 4,000 pieces of its new...

24 Jul. 2018

HORIBA STEC builds a new US R&D site in Reno, Nevada

HORIBA STEC opened HORIBA Reno Technology Center in Reno, Nevada, USA aiming to reinforce its...

12 Jul. 2018

AWI builds new rare gas plant

To expand the stable supply and sales of rare gases (xenon and krypton) Air Water is going to...

11 Jul. 2018

TNSC acquires Praxair’s European business assets

On July 5, Taiyo Nippon Sanso acquired US company Praxair’s European business worth about 5,000...

06 Jul. 2018

Delivery of dry ice under nationwide control from June

 The market of LCO2 and dry ice which has suffered a tight supply for these several years is now...

02 Jul. 2018

Iwatani starts deuterium business producing 2,000㎘/year

Iwatani started to deal with the production and sales of deuterium (an isotope of hydrogen)....

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