26 Dec. 2018

Three Merged Companies Incorporate FUJIKIN VIETNAM

On October 1, Fujikin consolidated their Thang Long Plant of production base in Hanoi, Bac Ninh...

20 Dec. 2018

Gas Majors Grew Total Sales Scale Five Times for 40 Years 

In the autumn of 2018 the merger of German Linde and US Praxair became actualized, and the world...

17 Dec. 2018

SDK aims to sell 3-trillion yen for 3 years

On December 11, Showa Denko announced its New Mid-term Business Plan “The TOP 2021” from 2019 to...

17 Dec. 2018

Ulvac Cryo Donates LIN Generator to Chengu Panda Breeding Base

Ulvac Cryogenics donated one unit of liquid nitrogen (LIN) generator to make liquid nitrogen from...

05 Dec. 2018

AWI to complete VSU in Kameyama in October 2021

On November 29, Air Water concluded an agreement with Kameyama City on the site location to...

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