30 Jan. 2019

AWI Develops Next-generation H2 Generator “VHR”

In January 2019, Air Water developed an hydrogen (H2) gas generator “VHR” of the next-generation...

23 Jan. 2019

NGK Acquired US Chart’s O2-related Company in December

NGK Spark Plug has realized to acquire an O2 concentrator manufacturer of the American Chart...

22 Jan. 2019

Dream to Invite ILC Project to Kitakami Highland Collapsed

On December 19, the Science Council of Japan which had been examining significance reached the...

16 Jan. 2019

AWI Affiliates Yamamura Ika Kikai of Medical Equipment Supplier

On December 21, 2018 Air Water affiliated Yamamura Ika Kikai which deals with the medical...

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