DAIKIN achieved global sales of 10 million air conditioners using R32

In March 2017 Daikin Industries marked its global sales of air conditioners using HFC32 (R32) with a low GWP reaching the milestones of 10 million units since the refrigerant had been launched in November 2012.

The refrigerant so called R32 is characteristic with its low GWP which has been reduced to about 1675 corresponding to one thirds of HFC22 or R410A used for the conventional air conditioners. Taking the opportunity of launching of the room A/C “Urusara7” using the refrigerant in November 2012, Daikin has been expanding sales channels to European countries, India, Australia and Thailand. As of end March 2017 reached about 10.1 million units of R32 air conditioners in 52 countries over the world the mark of 10 million.

The sales ratio is 70% domestic and 30% abroad, which consists of about 9.7 million units for room air conditioners and 400 thousand units for business use. According to Daikin all R32 air conditioners made by global manufacturers including Daikin account for about 27 million or more units now. It means Daikin’s R32 air conditioners take about 40% of the world market.

30 May. 2017

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