Distributor ranking in 2014

Highest ever recorded, with total sales of JPY1.1367 trillion.

Of all of the industrial gas distributors nationwide which headed toward their financial closing for 2014, we have put together the total sales of distributors with sales of over JPY1 billion. The total amount comes to around JPY1,136 billion, an increase of JPY105 billion over the previous year. The number of companies on the ranking chart came to 176 with an increase of 5 over the previous year.

The ranking chart of distributors summarizing the trends in total sales of those distributors handling downstream distribution of industrial gas showed JPY1,094 billion in 2008, the highest ever recorded up to that date. The total amount of sales now exceeds that of 2008 by JPY42.6 billion, making it the highest figure ever recorded. In 2008 there were 182 companies on the chart but 176 on the current chart. This means that the highest amount ever recorded was reached with 6 companies fewer. There was a tendency for those companies with a large volume of sales to be the ones which achieved an increase.

In fact, looking at the companies on the chart according to sales, there were 11 companies with sales of over JPY20 billion, an increase of 3. The number of companies with sales of over JPY10 billion but under JPY15 billion came to 16, an increase of 3. Total sales of those companies with sales of over JPY20 billion came to JPY415.5 billion, accounting for 36.6% of the entire amount of sales. Total sales of those companies with sales of over JPY10 billion came to JPY722.2 billion, accounting for about 64% of the total. Regarding the market of industrial gas distributors in Japan, just over half of the market is comprised of the top 34 companies with sales of over JPY10 billion. A LP major company, Daimaru Enawin, with sales of JPY17.6 billion in 2014, is included in the ranking for 2014. In comparison with the business results including that of this company for 2013, total sales of companies with sales of over JPY10 billion for 2014 showed an increase of 9.4%.

With capital investment for equipment by using a government subsidy as leverage, the growth of related equipment such as welding machines and robots, as well as laser milling equipment, along with installation work contributed to greater business results for the companies. On the other hand, as for shipment of industrial gas cylinders, there were numerous instances whereby it went from a stable low level over to a negative one. There were contracts which served as a tailwind for a demand for cylinders for industrial use in the construction and tearing down of buildings in the Tokyo area in preparation for the 2020 Olympics as well as reconstruction in the Tohoku area. However, quite frankly these aspects did not lead to an increase in the consumption of cylinders for industrial use. Besides industrial gas, the business of the gas distributors is quite diversified, spanning areas such as welding materials, gas related equipment, its installation, energy related business such as LPG, the medical area, and materials related to daily life. The view is that business is so structured that a slump in the gas sector is supplemented in a stratified way through other fields of business.

17 Nov. 2015

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