Moore versus Non Moore”

The silicon semiconductor market is headed for an historical change. The 2 major currents, memory which adheres to the rule of Moore and sensors which do not go along with that rule, are swirling about.

Regarding memory, state of the art DRAM and flash memory demand a 3D structure, and there is a rush to develop this. In addition to higher integration and super miniaturization, by also adding in multi-layerization, new processes are required such as atomic layer deposition (ALD) and deep etching. This is a change going along with the Moore rule.

With the complimentary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor which is a typical sensor, the sensor part which is the electronic eye requires a certain size. The number of sensors which can be made on a 300mm wafer is decided on by the physical size. For mass production, the only thing that can be done as of this time is to increase the number of wafers to be input. This is the Non Moore.
Their process technologies are close but not the same. Each of these is becoming a new trend which requires a new breakthrough. This involves material gas, as well as gas supply equipment and systems.
(for more information : see The Gas Review No.414)

29 Jan. 2016

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