Relationship between thermal power generation and industrial gases in achieving a low-carbon society

Uses of industrial gases in CCU, methanation, IGCC, and hydrogen power generation

Around 40% of Japan's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are in the energy transformation sectors, such as power generation. And of the total power generation, 70% uses thermal power. The measures for reducing CO2 emissions from thermal power generation therefore have a huge impact on Japan's ability to achieve a low-carbon society. That creates the necessity to switch to low-carbon power generation systems. Industrial gas functionality and technology have a role to play in the transformation to low-carbon thermal power generation. There are many places where industrial gas handling technology is related, for example, to hydrogen power generation -- a means to reduce the amount of usage of fossil fuels -- and to recovering and reusing CO2 from exhaust gases.
(For full article, see The Gas Review No.490)

Photo: Chugoku Electric Power Osaki Power Station (Source: NEDO)

01 Oct. 2020

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