Covid-19 crisis creates active market for specialty gases used for intermediates

It is believed that the fight against Covid-19 will become a long battle, and various areas of the gas market are suffering the impact. But among industrial gases, specialty gases for semiconductor manufacturing remain stable. And although they don't stand out, specialty gases used as intermediates for chemical products are also doing reasonably well. These gases include boron trifluoride (BF3), hydrogen chloride (HCl), carbon monoxide (CO), and others.

Boron trifluoride used in adhesives for disposable diapers

One of those gases, boron trifluoride, is used as a dopant gas for ion implantation and other purposes in semiconductor manufacturing, but it is also used as an intermediate synthesis catalyst in petrochemicals. And because it is used in general industry applications, the high purity required for semiconductor processing is not required.

Typical catalytic reactions that use boron trifluoride include Lewis acid catalysis reactions, such as for dithioacetal formation and Mukaiyama aldol reactions.

(Full text of the article available in The Gas Review No. 492)

13 Nov. 2020

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