INPEX undertakes pilot project for production and application of blue hydrogen and blue ammonia

INPEX will start a pilot project in the summer of 2025 to produce blue hydrogen from natural gas and use it for hydrogen-based power generation and synthesis of blue ammonia.

A hydrogen production facility, ammonia production facility, and hydrogen-based power generation facility will be constructed at the Higashi-Kashiwazaki Gas Field in the Hirai area of Kashiwazaki City in Niigata Prefecture. To make the hydrogen blue, capture and compression facilities will be built so that the byproduct CO2 can be injected into depleted gas field. Plans are to drill three more wells for injection, production, and monitoring.

Interesting technologies will be used in this project including ATR (auto thermal reforming) for the production of hydrogen to make it easier to capture the CO2 and an electride catalyst method developed as a Japanese original technology by Tsubame BHB for the synthesis of ammonia. This will be the first implementation of the electride catalyst method at a commercial plant scale.

Also, the depleted gas field into which the byproduct CO2 will be injected are not actually empty, but the pressure is too low to economically produce gas. In other words, when the CO2 is injected, the pressure inside the well will increase, which could make restarting gas production possible.

(For more.. See The Gas Review No.535)

08 Aug. 2023

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