22 May. 2024

Saisan Establishes JV of LP Gas in Rwanda

Saisan established an LP Gas distributing company with Jibu of local partner company in the...

22 May. 2024

INPEX and JERA Jointly Examine Development of CCS Value Chain

INPEX and JERA concluded an agreement to implement jointly the examinations to develop a CCS...

13 May. 2024

Iwatani and Cosmo Opens Japan’s First H2 Station as Truck Terminal in Heiwajima, Tokyo

Iwatani Cosmo Hydrogen Station which is jointly run by Iwatani and Cosmo Energy HD opened Japan’s...

13 May. 2024

Iwatani and Cosmo Energy Holdings form Capital and Business Alliance Agreement

On April 23, Iwatani and Cosmo Energy Holdings (Cosmo HD) entered into a capital and business...

13 May. 2024

Marine Transportation of CA Container Unit to Meet Two Temperature Ranges

Ocean Network Express(ONE)funded jointly by the three major shipping companies (Kawasaki Kisen...

10 May. 2024

TNSC Successfully Verifies H2 Production of FC Grade from Ammonia

Taiyo Nippon Sanso announced that it succeeded in the verification of producing the fuel cell...

02 May. 2024

Mitsui E&S sells High-Pressure Hydrogen Compressor of Large Capacity

Mitsui E&S has started to sell high flow-rate hydrogen compressors having a large flow-rate...

16 Apr. 2024

Daihen Acquires System Integrator of the Netherlands

Daihen announced to acquire all the shares of Rolan Robotics, a robot system integrator (SIer) of...

16 Apr. 2024

ALJ Kumamoto Makes Output Capacity Five Times Larger

Air Liquide Japan completed two units of ASU which it had been constructing in the Kumamoto Gas...

16 Apr. 2024

Iwatani America Accuses Nel of Norway about H2 Station

 According to some media of US, Iwatani of America (locally incorporated by Iwatani) accused Nel...

15 Apr. 2024

Japan Material Starts Regular Operation to Transport SPG by Long-distance Railroad

 Japan Material (JM) started a regular operation from March 2024 to make a long-distance...

10 Apr. 2024


Air Water merges two group companies of Air Water Hydro which deals with the hydrogen gas...

04 Apr. 2024

Mitsubishi Kakoki Gets Order from Nippon Steel for H2 Generator to Verify Hydrogen Reduction Steelma

Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha announced to have received an order from Nippon Steel for hydrogen...

03 Apr. 2024

Idemitsu, ENEOS and Hokkaido Electric develop Green H2 Supply Chain in Hokkaido

Idemitsu Kosan, ENEOS and Hokkaido Electric Power started a feasibility study from February 20 on...

27 Mar. 2024

Resonac Raises Price of Various Industrial Gas from April Delivery

Resonac Gas Products will raise the prices of all types of industrial gas from the delivery in...

27 Mar. 2024

Koatsu Gas Kogyo Raises Price of Industrial Gas from April Delivery

Koatsu Gas Kogyo will raise the prices of industrial gases with effect from the delivery in...

27 Mar. 2024

Iwatani Reinforces Refrigerant Business in Thailand and Indonesia

Iwatani newly built and expanded refrigeration plants in Thailand and Indonesia and started...

27 Mar. 2024

ALJ Raises Price of Industrial and Medical Gas from April 1

Air Liquide Japan will raise the prices of industrial and medical gases with effect from the...

19 Mar. 2024

Iwatani Raises Prices of Industrial Gases from April

Iwatani will revise the prices of industrial gas products from the delivery in April.


19 Mar. 2024

AWI Raises Prices of Industrial/Medical Gases by 10% to 30% from April

Air Water will raise the prices of all industrial and medical gases with effect from the delivery...

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