12 Jul. 2021

Iwatani Sells 7N Ultrahigh-purity Helium from April

Iwatani started to sell 7N (99.99999%) ultra-high purity helium gas from April 2021....

29 Jun. 2021

Mitsui OSK Lines Examines Export of LCO2 and Hydrogen Production Project in Lithuania

The marine transport major Mitsui OSK Lines has started to examine possibilities of the...

24 Jun. 2021

IC Biomedical Builds New Plant in Jeorgia, US

IC Biomedical, which acquired Worthington Industries’ cryogenic freezer business for biomedical...

09 Jun. 2021

Serious Water Shortage in Taiwan may affect Semicon Production

Due to the drought which Taiwan has experienced after 56 years, the operation of semiconductor...

02 Jun. 2021

Imported More China-made LCO2/Dry Ice than Korea in 2020

According to the foreign trade statistics, Japan’s import of liquefied carbon dioxide and dry ice...

02 Jun. 2021

Taylor-Wharton Accelerates Tie-up with Plug Power

Taylor-Wharton America (headed by Eric Rottier, CEO) of cryogenic equipment manufacturer...

13 May. 2021

Honeywell Japan Got R466A Classified as Inert Gas

On April 20, Honeywell Japan announced that its low- GWP refrigerant R466A (trade name: Solstice...

13 May. 2021

AWI Builds 22nd VSU Chiba Ekisan Next Year

Air Water will build its 22nd domestic liquid nitrogen plant of small VSU in Chiba City.


11 May. 2021

Nippon Sanso Holdings Appoints Toshihiko Hamada as New Top Management

The board of directors’ meeting of Nippon Sanso Holdings on April 27 resolved to designate...

30 Apr. 2021

MOL Acquires Stake of LCO2 Ship Transport Management Company

Mitsui OSK Lines of the shipping major makes a capital participation of 25% of Larvik Shipping...

28 Apr. 2021

TNSC Ties up with Consulting Firm for 3DP Technology

On April 7, Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) announced to tie up with 3D Printing Corporation (3DPC) a...

14 Apr. 2021

Fire Broke out at Renesas Electronics Naka Factory N3

At 2:47 a.m. on March 19, a fire broke out from an ignition process at the plating apparatus on...

14 Apr. 2021

Faurecia Acquired Majority Stake of Chinese Cylinder Manufacturer

In February 2021, French automotive supplier Faurecia acquired a majority share of CLD a Chinese...

14 Apr. 2021

Iwatani joins Battery Association for Supply Chain

Iwatani has joined the Battery Association for Supply Chain (BASC) which was established on April...

14 Apr. 2021

TNSC Examines Supply of Renewable Energy-derived H2 to Ocean-going Ships

With an aim to diffuse hydrogen-fueled ships, Taiyo Nippon Sanso is now promoting to develop...

23 Mar. 2021

Supply of Dry Ice for Vaccine by Four Companies in 2021

As publicized by the gazette dated March 11, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) is...

18 Mar. 2021

Iwatani Produces Brown-coal derived Hydrogen in Hokkaido

On February 24, Iwatani announced that it is planning to produce hydrogen derived from brown coal...

01 Mar. 2021

Domestic Steel Shortage Worsened by Underproduction and Price hike of Iron Ore

Steel materials in the domestic market are running short seriously. This trend is attributed to...

22 Feb. 2021

Hydrogen Energy/FC Forum in Kyushu & International Hydrogen Development Forum 2021

On January 28, the industry–government-academia collaboration promoting the research and...

16 Feb. 2021

Nippon Sanso Holding’s Current Gas Business Not Affected by Myanmar Coup

Regarding the coup d’etat which occurred in Myanmar on February 1, Nippon Sanso Holdings having a...

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