09 Oct. 2020

AW East Japan Establishes Yamanashi Gas Center with Regional Gas Distributors

Air Water East Japan born by Air Water’s reorganization has announced to establish a gas filling...

08 Oct. 2020

AWI Promotes Recycling CO2 from Waste Gas of Incineration Plants

Air Water is developing to recycle CO2 from waste gas emitted by incineration plants in the...

02 Oct. 2020

Kanken Techno’s Plant Business Flourishing at Home and Abroad

Kanken Techno of the foremost dedicated manufacturer of exhaust gas treatment equipment is now...

30 Sep. 2020

Possible to Use Saliva for PCR Coronavirus Test Now

With effect from July 17 the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare approved to apply a saliva...

28 Sep. 2020

ISSP of Tokyo University Consumes 70% less Helium due to Coronavirus

The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus suspended experiments using helium for the period from...

25 Sep. 2020

AWI Develops Large-sized Argon Storage in Kita Kyushu

Air Water is developing a large-sized (900 tons) facility to store argon to be supplied stably in...

17 Sep. 2020

Iwatani Wins Subsidy Consignment for H2 Station Development in CA

On September 4, Iwatani which is engaged in the hydrogen station business also in California, the...

14 Sep. 2020

TNSC Reorganizes with Personnel Change for Transition to Holding Company

On September 3, Taiyo Nippon Sanso resolved a new organization and management personnel for...

11 Sep. 2020

New Cosmos launches Bluetooth-attached O2/CO meter

On August 7, New Cosmos Electric started to sell three types of Bluetooth-attached gas detector...

09 Sep. 2020

TNSC Merges Two Medical Affiliates

With effect from October 1, Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) merges fully-owned affiliates IMI and...

28 Aug. 2020

TNSC Ties up with US Liquefied Gas Electrolyte Venture

Taiyo Nippon Sanso invested in and signed a technological and business tie-up agreement with...

24 Aug. 2020

Iwatani Decreases Sales/Profit Struggling in Main LPG Business

Iwatani decreased sales by 15.7% with the operating income down 46.0%, the ordinary profit down...

24 Aug. 2020

AWI Decreases Sales and Profit but M&A Raises Bottom

Air Water decreased its sales revenue by 1.7% with the operating income down 20.5% and the...

21 Aug. 2020

TNSC Decreases Sales and Profit Substantially by Corona Infection

Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC)’s sales revenue in the term ending June 30 decreased by 12.3% with the...

19 Aug. 2020

Prohibited Nonessential Visits Hinder Gas Sales Routine

In the midst of the nationwide self-restraint movements preventing nonessential visits or...

06 Aug. 2020

AHEAD Held Dehydrogenation Plant Tour for Media

The Advanced Hydrogen Energy Chain Association for Technology Development (AHEAD), which is...

29 Jul. 2020

Iwatani Establishes J/V with 11 Firms for Resource Recycling

Iwatani has established a new company jointly invested by eleven private companies which are...

29 Jul. 2020

Iwatani Capital Tie-up with Regenerative Medicine Venture having 3D Printing Technology

On July 7, Iwatani reached a capital and business tie-up with CyFUSE of regenerative medicine...

28 Jul. 2020

Azbil to Construct Valve Plant Building for Affiliate in China

Azbil is going to construct a plant building in the premises of Azbil Control Instruments...

27 Jul. 2020

Decreased Production of Crude Steel Hits Onsite Gas Demand

 The deepening serious stagnation of the Japanese steelmaking industry exerts an inevitable...

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