29 Aug. 2019

TNSC Develops Large Waste Gas Processor to Produce Carbon Fiber

Taiyo Nippon Sanos (TNSC) has developed a large-sized waste gas abatement system of combustion...

29 Aug. 2019

Kitajima Sanso Starts to Supply LO2 to National Hospital of Myanmar 

Kitajima Sanso of medical gas distributor headquartered in Tokushima Prefecture built a l0-ton...

23 Aug. 2019

AWI Acquires Linde’s On-site Business for Indian Steelmakers

Air Water agreed to acquire, with effect from August 13, part of Linde India’s industrial gas...

07 Aug. 2019

Explosion Killed 15 at ASU Plant in Yima City, Henan Province, China

On July 19, there was an explosion at the cryogenic air separation unit and 15 people were killed...

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