25 Dec. 2019

Jiaxing Iwatani Industrial Gas Builds 2nd ASU and H2 Plant in East China

On December 13 of 2019, Jiaxing Iwatani Industrial Gas of the Iwatani Group engaging in the...

25 Dec. 2019

Air Water Starts LPG Business in Vietnam

Air Water (AWI) is going to start selling LP gas in tie-up with Pacific Petro which is engaged in...

25 Dec. 2019

IIGI Keeps Full Operation of ASU with 4000 m3/h capacity

Iwatani Industrial Gas Indonesia (IIGI) of Iwatani’s local subsidiary in Indonesia forecasts its...

16 Dec. 2019

Mexichem Japan Changes Business Brand to KOURA

In September 2019 Mexichem Japan renewed its business brand from the Mexichem Fluor to Koura. The...

13 Dec. 2019

TNSC to Verify Superconducting Current Limiter for Neon-refrigerant Freezer in Russia

In December 2018 Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC) supplied Neon-refrigerant Turbo-Brayton Freezer for...

05 Dec. 2019

Air Liquide Japan Reorganizes to Limited Liability Company

Air Liquide Japan Ltd. officially announced in November that it will be reorganized from the...

05 Dec. 2019

AWI Finances by Public Offering to Acquire UPS Business in India

Air Water is going to procure JPY59.7 billion at maximum through public offerings and third-party...

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