30 Jun. 2020

Verification of H2 Supply Chain Well under Way Adopting Organic Chemical Hydride Method

In the project named “Verification of H2 Supply Chain from Unused Energy Adopting the “Organic...

30 Jun. 2020

AWI’s 19th VSU of Yamagata Ekisan in Operation

On June 1, a high-efficiency small-sized VSU of LO/LIN was completed and put in operation by AWI...

26 Jun. 2020

JHyM Fixes 2020 Development Plan of H2 Station

On May 28, Japan H2 Mobility (called JHyM) announced that it had submitted a joint application...

18 Jun. 2020

AWI Increases Sales/Profit Contributed by Indian Business and M&A in Overseas Engineering

The sales revenue increased by 9.0% with the operating income up 18.3% and the profit for the...

12 Jun. 2020

Iwatani Sells Less Industrial Gases but Fills Gap by Equipment Business

The sales decreased by 4.0% with the operating income up 8.6%, ordinary profit up 7.7% and the...

09 Jun. 2020

TNSC Increases Sales/Profit Despite Slightly Affected by Coronavirus

 The sales revenue increased by 14.8%, core operating income by 37.2%, operating income by 40.5%...

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