30 Mar. 2022

SDK FY21 Shows Surplus in Ordinary Profit Posting Extraordinary Loss in Full-year Account 

The sales amounted to 1,419.6 billion yen up 45.8% comparing with last year, with an operating...

23 Mar. 2022

Showa Denko Restructures into Holding Company Changing Firm Name to Resonac HD

With effect from January 2023, Showa Denko will transform into a holding company changing its...

17 Mar. 2022

AWI Collaborates with Mitsui to Globalize Gas Business  

On February 24, Air Water announced that it agreed to a strategic collaboration with Mitsui of...

11 Mar. 2022

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Directly Attacks Rare Gas and Helium

The worst situation took place. On February 24 Russia started invasion on Ukraine. The situation...

10 Mar. 2022

Green Innovation Fund to Develop Concrete Producing Technology Using CO2

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has adopted for Green...

08 Mar. 2022

Iwatani Starts Services for Low Carbon/Decarbonization Management

Iwatani has started to work on a total support of low-carbon and decarbonization management for...

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